But, if you had asked me years ago, I would have never guessed that this was who I would become.  

At this point, because of all of my experiences in the psychic and spiritual world, this is who I am.

I started my intuitive development in college when I began to learn about subtle energy.

My journey began with my encounter with a book titled “Positive Energy - 10 Perscriptions to Achieve Positive Energy” by Judith Orloff. One day, at Barnes and Noble while I was searching for new subjects to study and carrying a stack of books I wanted to buy, I looked up at the shelf and saw the orange cover of the book.  

I acknowledge this moment as the first time I consciously honored my intuition.

I put the stack down and left with only the one book.

Within days, the book had changed my world.  I all of a sudden had a vocabulary to describe what had been happening to me my entire life.  I was an intuitive empath. I was sensitive to the energies and feelings of others.  I discovered finally that it wasn’t me that was crazy. It was all the people AROUND me that I was picking up on! Although, I definitely felt crazy at times! 

At that point my journey to understand myself and my life via an energetic perspective has become quite the adventure. 

I started studying energy via the Healing Touch Program in 2010.  It was at this time that my  ability to see and communicate with spirits was reawakened.

I began having encounter after encounter with spirits wanting to connect with loved ones still living.

After years of affirmation and uncanny proof that what was happening was real I decided to accept my gifts and began stepping more fully into the work.

Since then, I have helped beings transition over to the other side, done many home and property clearings and have even encountered and removed quite a few of the more troublesome spirits humans are prone to encounter. And of course, I have connected many of the living to their deceased ancestors, children and loved ones.

I have spent years doing self work and studying about energy.  My sensitivities have drastically increased over time and this is why I believe that Psychic abilities can be taught.

The more you practice a craft the better you get and this is why I have started offering psychic and intuitive training.  From my perspective, the whole world is made up of energy and can be changed at will with a little understanding about how vibrational reality works.

In addition to psychic development, I have a deep love for movement, exercise and dance.  I realized that in order to access our psychic abilities we must first embody the energy within us.  That is why I have combined the two within my business,  Embodied Energy. 

Developing our psychical muscles and body is equally as important and developing the third eye when it comes to vibrational reality.  The healthier our bodies are, the higher our frequency is. I have become quite engaged with learning about food, movement and psychic abilities and how they all work.