Psy*Chic Thursday: A Weekly Special on Past Life Readings

Starting this week  Psy-Chic Thursday's reading specials will be changing to Past Life Readings!

Maria will access a past life from your Akashic Records that is directly influencing your life currently.

This is a great way to gain access to a deeper connection between you and your past aspects.

By learning about your past lives you can gain a better understanding of certain constructs and karmas that may be impacting you today.

Client Tesitmonal  - 

"If anybody needs a recommendation, I can let you know from first-hand experience that Maria is truly the spiritual Goddess guide to work with.  Sometimes we think their addictions in this lifetime or patterns that just don’t make sense yet we keep on repeating. It’s almost always a karmic pattern that one’s conscious, we could start to unfold and then repair and then with a full inner spirit and higher self move on." -Michele Ater via FaceBook, Past life reading client

This special will be running for a few weeks as a way of connecting with new clients. Each past life recording will be recorded. You can hop on a video call and bring your questions or simply request to have your recording emailed to you.

Each reading is $77 which is a huge discount from my normal rate of $150