Sometimes we have to burn things down to start fresh.

Wow is it dry in Colorado this summer, fires are sprouting up everywhere!  

Fire the energy of destruction which leads to new growth and life.  Sometimes we have to burn things down to start fresh.

With that being said, I have many changes on the horizon.  After August, I will be hitting the road on a journey to find the water I need in order to grow new life.  

I have become tired of living in the traditional American way.  I believe life should be filled with experience and opportunity, nature and connection.  

It’s pretty standard that every year or so I find myself on an adventure somewhere around the world.  

This time, I shall be leaving in search of a different way of living.  One that is more connected to nature and my natural rhythms. One that involves community and connection with our Earth Mother.  One that has a smaller footprint and focuses on renewable energy, getting away from electronics and static that our society is inundated with.  

I’m a naturalist.  I love to surrounded by plants and trees and animals.

As of right now, I have committed to a winter in Costa Rica at a place called Pachamama that practices renewable earth practices and permaculture.  One that focuses on personal development and spirituality.

In addition to that, my lease is up at the end of August and I intend to be nomadic for a few months while I follow the voice of my higher guidance before leaving the country for the winter.  

With that being said,  I will be switching mostly to online services in the next couple of months so that I can take my work on the road with me.  


If you have wanted to try an in person healing session with me or a medicine ceremony, now is a good time to book those because you may not be able to moving forward for awhile.

Our next ceremony dates are July 8th and the 21st.

I will continue to take clients in my home office through August and then will focus largely on online coaching while I explore internally and travel.


In addition, I have some new services that I am offering and some new online offerings coming up that I am really excited about.  

The first is a continuation of my Psy-Chic Thursdays in the form of Past Life Readings.  I have been doing psychic readings for the last six weeks and am now making the shift to past lives as the information has been coming in really clear and I want to share the access I have going on currently.

Getting a past life reading is a great way to connect your past energies to your current life happenings.  

In these readings, I open up your akashic records to access a lifetime that is most directly affecting you in your present reality.  

You can ask questions, get clarity and learn more about yourself and where you came from through these readings.  

If you book on a Thursday, you can get these readings at a super savers discount from my normal session rate.  These Thursday sessions are $77 (normally $150).

Otherwise, I shall continue to take sessions as per my usual rates during other days.  

In addition to this special offer, I will also be launching two new online programs.  An intro to psychic abilities course and a program for me that I am super excited about called The M.A.G.I.C.  Man. In this program I will be guiding men to access their intuitive abilities, deepen their capacity for intimacy and teach valuable tantric energy skills for dating and love.  

As I have been looking around at my spiritual communities I see an inundation of women and want to bring this offering as a way to activate men and also connect the masculine and feminine energies so that we all may live more harmoniously with one another.  

I invite you to join us in activating your metaphysical abilities, emotional intelligence, and space holding potential as you morph into a more activated being that the world will be proud of.

I highly urge you to visit to book an in person session with me while you still can, the 6 week countdown is upon us.

Thank you for following my journey and for your continued belief in my practice.  

With Love and Energy,