Dream Translation

Discover the message.

Dreams are our bodies way of processing the day and sorting through the infinite amount of data we collect in our waking lives. 

Dream work can act as psychotherapy for the unconscious mind.  The dreams that we recall in vivid detail are often the most important to understand.  They often occur close to waking time after our mind has processed all the minor stimuli from the day.

 When we learn to understand our dreams we provide ourselves with a deeper understanding of our bodies messages.  In this session we will explore one dream in depth. 

Dream Translation with Maria

Each session lasts anywhere from 60 - 90 minutes.

Please come prepared with your dream written out in detail.  You will want to write the dream down with pen or pencil and leave any mistakes you make on the page.  Give each dream you have a title. 

Write as much as you remember, any colors, sensations and feelings. You may even write and then I woke up at the end of the dream.