A 90-Day Masterclass


Open your own channels of psychic awareness and connection.

During this groundbreaking 90-day masterclass you will sculpt and nourish your body, tune in and hone your psychic awareness, powerfully manifest your goals, and fundamentally shift your energy. We'll close the gap between mind, body, and spirit by clearly identifying the blockages stunting your growth.

Connect to the world inside so that you can connect deeply to the world around you.

Empower You.


3-Step Program 


Step 1: Embody Energy

Transform your wellness with 12 weeks of personalized nutrition paired with exercises that energize and strengthen, along with body awareness tools to heal your relationship with both your food and your body. We'll spend 30 minutes each day training our bodies. During our time together your quality of life will improve. You will:

  • Drastically increase your energy and vitality
  • Shed that extra 5-10 pounds 
  • Increase your flexibility while tightening & strengthening!
  • Gain a new body awareness that allows you to address issues you may have with your relationship to food and your body

Step 2: Dive Deep into the Psychic Curriculum

Transform your psychic awareness with tools and techniques designed to hone your psychic abilities and 12 lessons into the psychic, including energy work, chakras, manifestation, the Clairs, dream interpretation, opening, auras, space cleansing, spirit communication, and remote reading. First, we'll meet one on one in a 90-minute energy exploration call and psychic reading. You'll receive a personal manifestation guide to use throughout the class. We'll meet as a group 6 times to explore energy together. Each week you'll receive a new training module and each day you will spend 10-15 minutes in meditation. You will:

  • Completely upgrade your Energetic & Vibrational Being
  • Increase your psychic abilities 
  • Deepen your intuitive capacity and body connection
  • Develop the Clair Senses
  • Learn advanced tools for energy manifestation and shifting blockages that keep you from your ideal life

Step 3: Embody Energy

In order to be the most integrated, we have to develop mind, body and spirit in conjunction. The result? Embodied energy and heightened states of awareness and intuitive access. For step three we will integrate all these energies into your being by developing each aspect of self. We'll check in 3 times during the program to support and empower this process. You will:

  • Elevate your energy
  • Increase your body awareness
  • Improve your psychic awareness
  • Sharpen and fine tune all aspects of your being
  • Shift into your super human potential

How do we get there?

  • 12 Psychic Development Modules
  • 1 90 Minute Energy exploration call and Psychic reading with me
  • Group Intention Energy Practices to accelerate manifestation 
  • Start and finish a 90 day personal training program
  • Customized nutrition plan
  • 6 Group Energy Exploration Calls 
  • Personal Psychic Reading on your energy gifts and blockages
  • Sister Success Support System

What is included?

  • Personal Manifestation Guide
  • 12 Online Psychic Development Modules
  • Access Empowered Me Embodied Energy Workout Videos
  • Color Coded Portion Control Containers
  • Customized Nutrition Plan (Vegan recommended)
  • Shaker Bottle
  • 1 Energy Discovery Psychic Reading with me to Detail your energy gifts, patterns and blockages
  • 2 additional individual private check ins
  • 6 Group calls
  • 1 Sister Success Partner
  • Lifetime access to the EmpoweredMe Online Group
  • Lifetime access to the EmpoweredMe content 
  • Personal Dream Journal

Are you ready?

Super-charge your life.


About Maria Torres

Maria has worked and trained thousands if people as a medium and as an educator. She has conducted more 30 workshops and trainings on healing touch, the connection between mind and body, energy, tantra, and embodied energy.  She has been a medium since 2012, providing energy and psychic readings and healings both in person and remotely. 

My reading with Maria was one of the most wonderful readings I have ever received. Truth is anyone can read your cards or offer guidance. Only a select few possess the gift of being able to fully access our divine highest expression, receiving the messages that we are seeking when working with an intuitive.
— Lynnie Jean (Boulder)
Maria is so gifted and has an innate ability to tap into your higher self and spirt guides. I had the pleasure of meeting her in person but it is not necessary for a face to face meeting for her gifts to assist you in finding answers to any questions you may have. Although a face to face reading would most likely be even more powerful it is not nessesary. Her reading allowed me to tap into some things I almost began to forget about my purpose on this plane. I had moments of laughter and even found myself crying. Her understanding and her gifts are beautiful and pure. I see myself coming back to her for more insight. She is one of a kind. I definitely felt as if she was with me in person when I read her typed reading. Although after my first encounter with her I believe I connected quite strongly with her energy as a healer as it is in my nature as well. She is a wonderful soul sister and I would give her 10 stars if I could.
— Katelin Kelley (San Diego)

Who is this masterclass for?

The EmpoweredMe masterclass is ideal for women with some psychic awareness who work to be healthy and stay moving. It is ideal for those women who want to step into a healing role by learning to develop their own psychic abilities and intuition so that they might begin helping others. 

What can I expect?

Expect to commit 7-10 hours each week to training your mind and body. Each week you'll get a new training module on the psychic. You'll have a daily 30-minute workout and a nutrition plan. Workouts require no equipment but weights or bands can be added if you need more resistance.