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Amor- 4 Week Relationship Break Through Series

Have you been repeating the same relationship patterns over and over again?  

Do you find yourself constantly disappointed?

Do you want to learn how NOT to break up?

Have you been interested in plant medicine as a tool for discovery and breakthrough?  

Are you wanting to become a better partner but feel you are lacking the tools and knowledge?

Have you been interested in learning more about how to attract and maintain your ideal relationships?

Well then this course is for you!  


Join us for our once in a lifetime special offer - A.M.O.R - Tools for Relationship Breakthroughs

Amor means love in spanish, to us it also represents Authentically Mirroring Our Relationships.  We believe every relationship in our lives is a direct reflection of what is happening within your energy body and internal state. If you tune into what is happening within your current relationship state and are willing to look at your repeating patterns, defenses and programmings with a desire to create change we believe that you will attract those things and more ideal relationships that you desire.

BUT, you have to be willing to do your personal work first.  

Change happens from the inside out.  

This course will be bringing you valuable insights into  relationship patterns and defenses and offer you tools and techniques to begin making the shifts that you  have always wanted in your relationships. 

Perfect for the single person looking to attract a partner or those of you already in partnership who want to take your relationships to the next level.

4 Week course offering includes:

4/16 - Week 1 - Authenticity through Tantra
4/23 - Week 2 - Mirroring through Medicine

4/30 - Week 3 - Define Ourselves through Relationship
5/7- Week 4 - Relationships as a pathway to love

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