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Phychic Reading

Connect and align

Psychic Based Energy Sessions

As a medium and psychic I offer a variety of psychic based energy sessions.  I enjoy connecting with every participant in order to create an experience aligned to your needs.

Psychic Readings

You bring your questions about your life and relationships.  Each of these sessions is recorded for you so that you can play it back for information.  People often come for psychic readings to find clarity around businesses and life purpose, to get guidance about relationships, and to find a new perspective around illness.

Medium sessions

Involve connecting to the spirit world specifically.  I have channeled messages from deceased loved ones, helped humans and spirits alike transition to the others side and done quite a few entity removals.  If you have someone you would like to connect with, I can check to see if their spirits are available before we meet.  In these sessions we often connect to guides, past lives, and ancestors who are eager to communicate.

Hands on Energy Healings

Often in readings we discover areas in the field that could use a little extra support and if you are open to it we can dive into energy healing which involves a light laying of hands in order to bring the field into a more aligned order.

Home and Property Clearings

For realtors, homeowners and renters looking to clear their space of foreign or potentially hostile energy.  These include a little different of a process than the in office offerings.  Please feel free to contact me with more information regarding home and property clearing.

Customize your reading

Each of these sessions are interchangeable and we can combine multiple modalities into one session if that if your preference.

Have Questions?

Please reach out. I am happy to answer any questions before our session.

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