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Signature Service

Transform Your Reality



To work together to develop your energetic capacity and psychic gifts in such a way that transforms your reality as you know it. 


You are the CREATOR.  

We get reflected out of life what we are putting into it.  The results of this relationship are a direct reflection of you.  I am not your partner.  I am your coach and guide. The greatest guides empower their followers to find their own way and lead honoring their process of self-discovery and supporting it along the way.  The greatest coaches bring the experience and tools necessary to guide you to your ultimate success.  This is YOUR relationship to yourself and life, it’s yours to nurture, create and devote yourself to. 

3-Month Minimum Working Agreement.  

I am only taking on people who I feel will benefit the most from this work.  I only have a few spaces open because I want to offer each participant the quality of time and attention that they deserve.  I am focused on results and creating a tangible transformation in each person I work with. In order for this to happen, three months is the minimum required to see the results and transformation in your energy, psychic development and well - being.  We both commit to honoring the connection and showing up fully in our agreements.  After 3 months, we can choose to continue working together on a month to month basis. 

Communication and Integrity.  

Over the next three months, one of our agreements will be that you speak your full truth.  I want to know what is present for you as that is the best way I can navigate the energies with you.  Even if the energy feels off, it is important that you express this so that we and address all the energy that may arise from this transformation.  Often, this work will uncover deep pain and trauma in the way of the psychic connection.  It will be important to navigate these energies with deep care and compassion. Integrity or lack thereof shows in our energy bodies and eventually in our physical forms. Speaking the truth is a requirement for our time together.  

My Intention.

My intention with this time together is growth and transformation.  Together, we will be accessing new levels of energy, vitality and self-care. 

Coachability and Willingness.

This is your time to expand into new levels of greatness.  We are not here to just learn about energy.  We are here to embody the energy and the beings that we wish to become. By doing this we will create a lasting effect not only on ourselves but on the entire planet and all of humanity. You will become the change that you wish to see in the world. I request that you be willing to step into unchartered territories, to be someone you have never been, to be coachable and to surrender to receive. 


I will guide you through my signature 3 phase process corresponding to each moon cycle for program duration.


Moon Cycle 1:  
Open Your Vision and Explore Energetic Patterns

New Moon 1: Vision and Manifestation

  • Manifestation Guide and strategic visioning session
  • Embodied Energy Reading
  • Hands on Energy Healing

Full Moon 2: Understand energetic defense patterns and how they affect your life

  • Barbara Brennan’s 5 Auric Personality Types
  • Exploring your current defenses
  • Learn techniques to shift out of defense

Moon Cycle 2:
Dream Messages and Trauma Release

New Moon 2: Wake up to your dreams

  • Dream Interpretation Session
  • Create your dream journal
  • Learn how to help others translate their dreams

Full Moon 2: Understand how trauma works in the body and energy

  • Trauma Identification and exploration
  • Trauma healing/ Mind Energy Body Transformation session
  • Learn exercises for shifting trauma patterns in yourself and others

Moon Cycle 3:
Spirits, Entities and Maintaining a clear field

New Moon 3: Clear Entities and Identify Spirit Activity

  • Learn to clear dense energies from the field
  • Learn how to identify different types of spirit activity
  • Spirit Speak, learning to effectively communicate with spirits

Full Moon 3:  Integrate Psychic Energy within the Physical Plane

  • Learn how to give psychic readings
  • Remote Viewing and how to translate what you see
  • Closing Ritual

Optional Plant Medicine Ceremony is $100


Customized Spiritual Support

  • Set energy goals and provide supporting materials to make sure your goals are being reached
  • Positive Thinking: Together we will work together to upgrade your vocabulary from pain, victim and limiting beliefs to one filled with personal power. 
  • Deep energy and subconscious pattern exploration 
  • Hara Grid holding and setting
  •  for duration and beyond
  • Timely energy enhancing assignments to keep you on track
  • Organization and accountability templates

My Commitment to You

I will be here to walk with you through this journey of self-discovery and remembering.  I will offer you my energetic and spiritual support and wisdom and continuously remind you of what else is possible for you and your energetic life template. 

I am here to guide to you to the highest version of you, to remind you of your capabilities and the inherent gifts inside of you.  I will act as a mirror and reflect your radiance back to you in a compassionate yet assertive approach.  

I am here to ensure that your exploration of the spirit within you elevates you to new potentials and that your vision for yourself becomes a reality. 

My Zone of Genius

#1 Psychic Abilities: I can offer an insider view and perspective to your energetic blue print.  Highly practiced with each “Clair” ability I can support and see you in a way that a traditional counselor and coach may not be able to. Past, Present and Future you. 

#2 Energetic Transformation:  I have been practicing energy work and manifestation for years and have seen multiple levels of transformation and success in these areas time after time. I can help you understand how energy is connected to everything that is “real” to us in our lives and bodies. 

# 3 Trauma Training:  I have undergone training in how to support someone in a trauma response. I have a variety of practices in place to support a shift from pain into power.

#4 Energy Healing:  As an energy healer first and foremost, I am well trained and skilled at bringing the energy body into harmony and alignment, supporting whole being health and supporting you energetically in places you may not be able to access on your own.  

#5 Spirit Communication:  I can actively see and communicate with the spirit world which can support you in understanding why you are here and what happened to bring you to this place as well as answer many questions you may have. I will work with your spirit advisers every step of the way to bring you spiritual support and energetic and real-time solutions to your challenges. 

Included in Program:  

3 Months of Customized and Private Coaching with me

  • 2 Two Hour Sessions per month falling on/ near the weeks of the new and full moon. 
  • Personal goal and manifestation template
  • Energy Grid and goal alignment and Hara support through duration of program

Access to my Psychic Training Portal

12 Psychic Development Videos:

Subject to change

  1. Energetic Posture and Manifestation
    • This section speaks to why the degree to which you are in your body affects your ability to manifest
    • Understand posture and how it affects the energy of the body
    • Learn an energetic tool for manifesting
  2. Chakra Consciousness and Body Messages
    • Learn about the 7 physical chakras and what they mean and where they are located in the body
    • Understanding symptoms as your body’s way of communicating with you
    • Learn to listen and understand your body’s messages
  3. Developing the Clair’s
    • Learn about the Clair’s of psychic gifts (Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance) and how they relate to specific areas of your body
    • Understand where you are sensing energy from in the body
    • Tools and techniques for developing the Clair’s
  4. Dream Interpretation
    • Learn to decipher messages through the dream state
    • Create your dream dictionary
    • Lucid Dreaming Technique 
  5. Energetic Boundaries and Rituals
    • Learn the importance of energetic boundaries
    • Learn techniques to strengthen your energetic boundaries
    • Using Rituals to cast spells and strengthen intentions
  6. Home and Property Clearings
    • Learn the importance of keeping your energetic space clean
    • Learn how to clear your energy field and body of foreign energy
    • Learn how to do a home and property clearing
  7. How to see Aura’s
    • Learn how to tune into the 7 levels of the field
    • Learn about aura colors and what they mean
    • Learn techniques to see auras 
  8. Auric Personality Types
    • Learn about Barbara Brennan’s 5 Auric Personality Types and how they relate to body type
    • Learn about which auric personality you are operating from
    • Learn how to identify different auric personality types and body blockages in others
  9. Shifting out of Defense Patterns
    • Learn how to recognize Auric Defense Patterns and what they look and feel like in the body
    • Learn how to identify trigger patterns in yourself and others
    • Learn energy and body techniques for shifting out of defense
  10. How to communicate with Spirits
    • Learn to feel and sense in the body when a spirit is trying to communicate
    • Develop tools for tuning into to spirit speak
    • Practice comprehending spirit messages
  11. Tarot and Oracle Decks as tools
    • Understanding divination tools as a way of receiving messages
    • Learn about the different types of tools
    • Learn the art of tarot and how to give a reading using the cards
  12. Performing Remote Viewing/ Giving Reading’s

    • Understand the concept of remote viewing and seeing energy in the body
    • Learn techniques for accessing energy and seeing into others from afar
    • Practice for performing readings on others

Intentional Exercises

These exercises are used between sessions to support you on your transformation.

Meditations for energetic upgrades

Daily meditations for honing and transforming your mind.

Optional Add Ons

  1. 2 Optional support calls of 15 minutes each in case something shows up and you want help in processing and understanding
  2. Medicine Ceremony (Added Cost: $100) - 3 hour personal (or small group) medicine ceremony with traditional Mayan Medicine Tepezcohuite to be performed at beginning of the third month.