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Tantra Touch

8 Weeks of Energy & Relationship Development


In this 8-week course, you will learn how to interact around your own personal energy of relationship. This will be an intimate exploration into your energetic constructs around life and relationship.


In-Person Couching Topics

The Energy of Relationship – 2 hour in person session

  • Learn about the 5 Love Languages and which one you are running
  • Begin learning about Auric Personality types and how they affect relationships
  • Receive your first hands on Energy Alignment Tantric Touch session.

The Approach – 2 hour session

  • Learn how to read energy in other people
  • Understanding Yes and No from an energetic perspective
  • Learn how to approach a woman and understand her energy
  • Hands on Practice- The Presence of Touch

Space Holding – 2 hour session

  • Understand defense patterns and how they affect relationships
  • Learn how to shift defense patters
  • Learn to Harmonize the field for best resonance to love potentials
  • Learn the art of communication and how it affects energy
  • Learn ways of holding authentic and healing space for loved ones

Addressing Sexual – 2 hour session

  • Understand your sexual issues from an energetic viewpoint
  • Learn techniques to shift and heal sexual symptoms
  • Learn techniques to enhance pleasure and last longer
  • The art of orgasm without ejaculation

Course Benefits

In this course, you will practice and learn energetic constructs designed to help propel you towards creating and attracting your ideal relationships. For couples, this practice will guide you to a deeper understanding of your energetic patterns and how they affect your current relationship. You will learn techniques and tools that you can use in relationship towards one another for a healthier and more vibrant connection and understanding.

For my single participants, this will be an inner exploration that will shift energetic constructs in the way of you achieving that ideal partnership. You will explore and play in the energy of intimacy and focus your energy on attracting your ideal circumstances to you. You will gain an inside perspective on how your current energy is affecting your manifestations.

This course is designed to help you shift pain into power.

In addition, you will learn how to develop your psychic and energetic awareness through my online psychic development course. Developing your psychic abilities will help you navigate the world in a whole new way and give you a unique perspective on how to read humans and see deeper into the world in general.

This course is a deep dive into energetic connection and by the end of it you will have achieved a much more aligned reality with your desires and goals, a heightened state of vitality and energy, and increased psychic abilities. In addition, you will have tools and techniques to practice with your partners, friends and even on your new clients as you step into sharing this work with the world.

What’s Included:

  • Personal Manifestation Guide
  • 8 hours of in person Customized Coaching with me
  • 12 Online Psychic Development Video Lessons
  • Guided Meditations
  • Online Course Portal
  • 4 additional weeks of psychic development content
  • Energy Grid and goal alignment and Hara support through duration of program
  • Access to my Psychic Training Portal
  • Email or Facebook support between sessions

Customized Spiritual Support

  • Set energy goals and provide supporting materials to make sure your goals are being reached
  • Positive Thinking: Together we will work together to upgrade your vocabulary from pain, victim and limiting beliefs to one filled with personal power.
  • Deep energy and subconscious pattern exploration
  • Hara Grid holding and setting for duration and beyond
  • Timely energy enhancing assignments to keep you on track
  • Organization and accountability templates My Commitment to You:
  • I will be here to walk with you through this journey of self-discovery and remembering. I will offer you my energetic and spiritual support and wisdom and continuously remind you of what else is possible for you and your energetic life template.
  • I am here to guide to you to the highest version of you, to remind you of your capabilities and the inherent gifts inside of you. I will act as a mirror and reflect your radiance back to you in a compassionate yet assertive approach.
  • I am here to ensure that your exploration of the spirit within you elevates you to new potentials and that your vision for yourself becomes a reality.

My Zone of Genius

#1 Psychic Abilities: I can offer an insider view and perspective to your energetic blue print.  Highly practiced with each “Clair” ability I can support and see you in a way that a traditional counselor and coach may not be able to. Past, Present and Future you. 

#2 Energetic Transformation:  I have been practicing energy work and manifestation for years and have seen multiple levels of transformation and success in these areas time after time. I can help you understand how energy is connected to everything that is “real” to us in our lives and bodies. 

# 3 Trauma Training:  I have undergone training in how to support someone in a trauma response. I have a variety of practices in place to support a shift from pain into power.

#4 Energy Healing:  As an energy healer first and foremost, I am well trained and skilled at bringing the energy body into harmony and alignment, supporting whole being health and supporting you energetically in places you may not be able to access on your own.  

#5 Spirit Communication:  I can actively see and communicate with the spirit world which can support you in understanding why you are here and what happened to bring you to this place as well as answer many questions you may have. I will work with your spirit advisers every step of the way to bring you spiritual support and energetic and real-time solutions to your challenges.