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TepezCohuite Medicine Ceremony

The Frequency of Love


A Love Ceremony 

TepezCohuite is a Mayan Medicine I was initiated into when I lived in the Tulum region this last year.  It is extracted from the leaves, bark and roots of the mimosa tenuiflora tree, commonly known as the sensitive tree

The Mayans call it a love ceremony as the medicine is designed to clear our energy bodies and bring us into the frequency of love.  

This is a potent, fast acting and purifying plant medicine.  


The effects of this medicine are vast.  Tepezcohuite contains psychotropic ingredients that affect our DMT receptors in the brain (contact for more info), it also contains natural serotonin and is antibacterial which will clean you from the inside out.

This is a spirit medicine and widely used by shamans to remove entities and blockages from the field.  It is a helpful tool for exorcising any demons you may have in the field whether they be limiting beliefs and thought patterns or actual spirit possessions.

This field will help you shed grief, reverse the effects of cancer, purify the ego, and build loving relationships and bonds.  

This medicine will help you shift depression and anxiety, remove blockages of all kinds, bring you to a deeper experience of love and connectedness, clear and purify your body and energy, heal sickness and injuries and provide you with a deeper connection to spirit, your ancestors and yourself.  

Ceremony Details 

These ceremonies are be preformed for individuals, couples and small groups of 5- 10 people and are very intimate and special.  The shaman will create a circle container for the group by invoking ritual practice and including each element.  

Before participants begin, you will have your field cleansed with purifying smoke.

This is a medicine that you inhale via smoke and there are 3-5 rounds per sitting. If  you don’t smoke or have lung issues, fear not, this medicine will NOT harm your lungs, rather it cured me of a year and a half of chronic lung sickness in one sitting.

Each round lasts from 15-30 minutes and we integrate each experience before beginning the next round.

The total ceremony time is typically around three hours.  After which, you will be able to drive and operate as normal.  It is fast, effective and safe for all types of people including nursing mothers as it has a very short half life and does not cross the blood brain barrier.   


Help Spread the Work

I am currently one of the only carriers of this medicine in the United States as it is very rare.  I am in the process of spreading the work and training facilitators so that we can share it’s healing powers more widely.  

If you are interested in attending a ceremony please join our Facebook group or email me below


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