Are you ready to

create YOUR

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Are you ready to create YOUR

online business?

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Medicine Experiences

I was the first carrier of Tepezcohuite in the United States.

In 2017 I was initiated into a Mayan Medicine lineage in Mexico. I spent the summer training with the shamans there and was told to bring the medicine to the US and train practitioners of the medicine, I have been doing that ever since in addition to holding ceremonial circles and healings all over the world.

Prior to training with Tepezcohuite I had been working with and cofacilitating around 20 different types of plant medicines through a different lineage...

Here are a few benefits of medicinal healing

•Clearing, cleansing, purification

•Efficient healing

•Transcendental experiences

•Entity removal and spirit integration

•Reset, recharge, and amplify life force energy

•Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing

•Opening, expanding, amplifying connection and life force energy

•Deeper activation of intuitive and mediumship gifts

•Trauma healing and somatic (body) integration

•Relational and ancestral wound healing and clearing

I offer a few different types of

medicinal healing sessions.

Mayan Love Ceremonies

Purify and Cleanse

Private or group session
Mayan Love Ceremonies

Sacrament Assisted

Somatic Healing Immersions

Embodiment and Healing

Private or small group day long
Hands on Healing Immersions

I don't share specific details about the medicines on this page but you can always send me a message to inquire more about the potential of working together or arranging a group ceremony.