Maria Torres is a psychic trainer and spiritual coach.

As a medium and channel, she also posses many of what people describe as the "Clairs". Clairvoyance, Clair-audience, Clair-sentience, Clair-cognizance and a few others.  She uses these abilities to help herself and others perceive life and relationships from a different lens of experience.  

Her capacities as an empath and energy healer enable her to relate with many different types of people.

Her specialty is in helping individuals to understand, develop and enhance their own psychic and intuitive abilities.  She does this through a variety of interactive sessions and online programs.


The story of how it happened

 As a young child, Maria remembers sleeping in her bedroom closet to avoid the faces that she thought were looking at her through her bedroom windows.  

It wasn't until much later as a student and Colorado State University did she come to understand that she had actually been seeing spirits.  In 2010, after beginning her education in energy healing, her capacity to communicate with spirits re-activated and she has been engaging in conversations with spirit ever since.