Energy awareness is reawakening in human kind and ancient powers are re-emerging.

Embodied Energy will help you learn about subtle energy to heal your body, own your intuitive and psychic abilities, activate you inner shaman and become an Earth Revolutionary.

It's time that we reconnect to ourselves and our planet. Intimacy, connection, magic and soul aligned lives are all possible.

At Embodied Energy we offer you a blue print for living your best life and showing up as a leader of the spiritual age.

My name is Phenix Rose.

I'm a new Earth leader and shamanic business coach, & my PASSION is to share my blueprint for love & success with other soulpreneurs, like YOU.

I help spiritual, shamanic healer types thrive in the world of matter. And yes that also means money.

I LOVE helping others create their big impact while creating more freedom, spaciousness & income to do what you love.

I adore the planet where we live & want to change the world by helping YOU get clear & aligned on the inside.

We are vibrational beings living in a vibrational world.

When we change, everything changes.

I love to work with people on stepping into and growing their soul purpose on earth. Together, we create an aligned spiritual business that supports you and the people you came here to guide.

If YOU are not making enough money, or living your soul purpose, or if you are spiritual AF but don't know how to share your gifts with the world...

Then I can help you learn how to polish and refine your healing gifts and create a thriving spiritual business that also gives you the freedom and space to do what you love.

I also happen to be a published author! You can find my published work on Amazon and in Elephant Journal. I am also featured on Women Entrepreneur Magazine for most influential female entrepreneur!!!

As a long time writer it feels really good to have more of my voice out in the world.

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