After being in the energy healing industry for awhile I participated in my first tantra training in this lifetime and realized I had been practicing it all along through my other vibrational healing arts. I began to include the full body into my experiences and teach my clients about tantra.

After an excruciating time in my own life it became essential that I take my trauma healing and somatic education to the next level and I began training and studying with a world renound mystic and trauma scientist named Thomas Hubl.

Do you need healing?

We all do.

I wouldn't have gotten to be the healer I am today without needing a whole lot of healing over the years.

Over a decade ago I started my studies with vibrational healing through the Healing Touch Program. It was during this time that my spirit communication abilties developed.

Then I attended the Mind Energy Body School of Transformation and learned the art of energy psycho therapy and began my trauma healing journey. It was during this time that my psychic abilities grew more enhanced and I started my own healing business.

As a New Earth leader & conscious business owner My purpose is to heal and be a healer for the world around me.

Most people in our world carry trauma. Trauma is a distortion that affects our quality of life and the quality of the world around us. We are connected to all things but trauma is in the way of our capacity to feel and know that. We come from the Earth and our bodies are made from the Earth, if we are not healed, our planet cannot be healed. When you do your inner work, it impacts the world around you and all the people in your orbit.

Types of services available

I specialize in vibrational healing and the esoteric. I can do pyschic readings or better yet, I can train you how to do readings for yourself and others. I offer hands on sessions, somatic experiencing therapy, trauma healing, nervous system support, tantra, and do online sessions as well. You can have a session that is a combination of these services or simply choose to stay in a particular niche.

I have a few discounted sessions available for those in need - you can message me to apply

Trauma Healing
Somatic Therapy
Nervous System Regulation

This is one easy way to change the planet, healing your trauma causes a ripple through all of time.

Hands on Healing
Mind Energy Body Transformation

I work with the energy that is present when you arrive. These sessions can include a wide variety of healing tools.

Psychic Readings
Akashic Records
Past Lives

I love getting to do readings and explore the esoteric. These sessions can provide valuabe information to support your healing.

I love this planet

& all that it

has provided for me.

When we heal, the whole planet heals

We really owe all our success to her and she is the ultimate mother in providing for us all that we need in order to thrive, learn and grow here on her soil.
If you are feeling pressure to create change in this world, book a healing session. When you clean and clear your inner landscape of trauma and pain, it ripples out across the world and heals the generations behind you and the ones coming after you.

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