Reconnect - Healing the Feminine and Masculine energies within

Let's talk about the Masculine and Feminine dynamic! 

Join me and as I demonstrate a great technique for rebuilding the grid within yourself. You'll also learn how to work with these powerful energies. This is a great technique for learning to connect with and heal your masculine or feminine energies. This technique is beneficial to those who are single or wanting to work on repairing energetic constructs in an existing dynamic, but also to anyone who feels unbalanced in these energies.   

I would love to hear your feedback! 

Burn It Down

Wow is it dry in Colorado this summer.  Fires are sprouting up everywhere!  

Fire, the energy of destruction, leads to new growth and life.  Sometimes we have to burn things down to start fresh.

I have many changes on the horizon.  After August, I will be hitting the road on a journey to find the water I need in order to grow new life. I have become tired of living in the traditional American way.  I crave a life filled with experience and opportunity, nature and connection.  

I find myself on an adventure somewhere around the world every year or so. This time, I shall be leaving in search of a different way of living.  One that is more connected to nature and my natural rhythms. One that involves community and connection with our Earth Mother.  One that has a smaller footprint and focuses on renewable energy, getting away from electronics and static that our society is inundated with.  I remain a naturalist and love to be surrounded by plants and trees and animals.

As of right now, I have committed to a winter in Costa Rica at a place called Pachamama where renewable earth practices and permaculture have a seat at the table, alongside personal development and spirituality. My journey begins before winter,  with the expiration of my lease at the end of August, with an intention to be nomadic, listening closely to the voice of my higher guidance.  

Catch me if you can!

I will be supporting all my wonderful clients from the road via phone or video call. Did you know my readings are just as potent online? However, energy healing is not. Medicine ceremonies are not. I invite you to join me for an in-person healing session or a medicine ceremony before I leave. But don't be shy when I leave - I will continue to take clients in my home office through August and then will focus largely on online coaching while I explore internally and travel.

Tasty New Online Offering: Past-Life Regressions

In addition, I have some new services that I am offering and some new online offerings coming up that I am really excited about.  

First. A continuation of my Psy-Chic Thursdays but with a focus on Past Life Readings.  I have been doing psychic readings for the last six weeks and have noticed that I am attuned to past lives. The information has been coming in really clear and I want to share the access I have going on currently. These readings are a great way to connect your past energies to your current life happenings. I will open up your akashic records to access a lifetime that is most directly affecting you in your present reality.  You can ask questions, get clarity and learn more about yourself and where you came from through these readings.  As with past Psy-chic Thursdays, you'll get a serious discount - $77 (normally $150). This sweet deal is only available on Thursdays.  

New Programs: Intro to Psychic Abilities & The MAGIC Man

Second. I am launching two new online programs, including an intro to psychic abilities course and another that I am super excited about called The M.A.G.I.C. Man. The first is pretty straight forward - an introduction to psychic abilities - perfect for those of you who have seen the value of the psychic world and want to connect with it. The second is for men.

As I look around at my spiritual communities, I see women. Lots of them. Where are the men? I want to connect the masculine and feminine energies, and in doing so, create more harmonious relationships. The MAGIC Man is for the man seeking connection but failing to find a strong signal. I will guide you on a journey to your intuitive abilities, one that will deepen your capacity for intimacy and improve your experience of dating and loving. Prepare to learn some yummy tantric energy skills and activate your metaphysical abilities, emotional intelligence, and space holding potential.

Thanks for Playing

Please book an in-person session with me while you still can. The 6-week countdown is upon us!

Thank you for following my journey and for your continued belief in my practice.  

With Love and Energy,


Psy*Chic Thursday: Past Life Reading Special

Starting this week  Psy-Chic Thursday's reading specials will be changing to Past Life Readings!

Maria will access a past life from your Akashic Records that is directly influencing your life currently, allowing you to gain access to a deeper connection between you and your past aspects. Allow the past to reveal the constructs and karmas that may be impacting you today.

If anybody needs a recommendation, I can let you know from first-hand experience that Maria is truly the spiritual Goddess guide to work with.  Sometimes we think their addictions in this lifetime or patterns that just don’t make sense yet we keep on repeating. It’s almost always a karmic pattern that one’s conscious, we could start to unfold and then repair and then with a full inner spirit and higher self move on.
— Michele Ater, a Past Life Reading client

This special will be running for a few weeks as a way of connecting with new clients. These sessions are done via Zoom video call and are recorded for later playback. Be sure to bring your questions or simply request to have your recording emailed to you.

These sessions are normally $150 but you'll get them for $77 with this special, a huge discount!

Heart-Brain Connection

You can reduce your cortisol levels, reactivity, and anger by reestablishing the connection between heart and brain.

In this 10-minute video, I share more about the importance of the heart-mind connection and demonstrate a short, simple technique for achieving and growing that connection. It will help you be more relaxed, more the of the time. Relaxation is our healthiest, most healing state. It activates youth and vibrancy. It shifts how we engage with the world. When you are able to tackle difficult situations with authentic communication

The energy of our body follows our breath. Once the connection is established, we'll tune into intuition and ask questions of the heart. The mind often creates complex and confusing answers to our questions but the heart is simple and short.

Heal your life through energy and approach the world from a place of calm. All it takes is 3-minutes a day of focused attention on the heart, inviting in gratitude, appreciation, care, and compassion.

Energy Tools for the Sensitive Person (Empaths)

Have you ever been described as overly sensitive? Do you feel like a highly sensitive person?  

Highly sensitive people make up around 17% of the world's population and are often referred to as empaths - people with the ability to apprehend the emotional or mental state of another being. Take the quiz below if you suspect your are an empath!


  1. Do you feel overstimulated by crowds, sounds, and lights?  
  2. Do you require a lot of alone time to recharge?
  3. Can you feel the emotions of the people around you?  
  4. Do you have a hard time tuning into your own thoughts and feelings but can tell what others are feeling around you?  
  5. Do you feel that you have heightened senses of sight, hearing, smell or taste?  
  6. Do you feel you have a hard time fitting in to groups of people?  

If you answered yes to these questions, then you might be an empath.  

It is really difficult to live in the loud, crowded world as a highly sensitive person.

I am an intuitive empath. This means that, in addition to apprehending the emotions of others,  I am able to see and sense subtle energies in others. For years, this presented as a curse.  I would randomly start to cry in groups of people, have a hard time breathing at concerts, feel irritated by traffic and grocery stores. Sound familiar?

How To Deal with It: Numb It with Drugs or Process It

In the past, I turned to drugs and alcohol as a way to dampen these senses. As a way to block out feeling. That shifted when I started learning about subtle energy and how to use energy to bring a higher sense of fulfillment to my life. Today, I am sober. I still experience a lot of contrast in my life, but now I have such an array of tools to help me come back into alignment that I don't think to block the feelings that bubble up.

I still feel overwhelmed when I go into grocery stores or to places with a lot of people. When I get around people who don’t care for themselves my energy body cringes and protests.  It’s still a thing. The difference is that now I know what is happening, I have more tools for navigating it, and I make better choices knowing that I feel so deeply and that my chosen environment will probably influence those feelings.

It’s taken me a long time to learn to be okay with this sensitive super power and I am thankful that, rather than being victim to  my sensitivities, I have now turned them into a thriving business and career.

You are not alone, there is support for your sensitive soul out in the world.  

This month, I have included a short energy sensing video with a few tools for learning to feel subtle energy more and a meditation to help you feel safe in your bubble while still being available for connection with the world.


Ready for more support?

In addition, this month I have a super special offer for Psy-Chic Readings every Thursday.  This is my way of getting to know new beings and energies and allowing you to try my work for a huge discount. These readings are a great way to begin tuning into what is happening in your energy body.  We will look at what is going on inside you and answer any questions you may have about energy, life, relationships, career and otherwise.  

Psy*Chic Thursday: A Weekly Special on Psychic Readings


My Clients are the BEST! - Psychic Reading testimonial.


Maria's Psychic Readings are a great way to tune in and clarify your relationships, career, and health. Maria's readings are a bit different - she provides energy coaching on the issues that present during your time together, along with a recording of the call so that you don't miss any important insights. Be sure to come prepared with questions.

Readings are done via video conference from anywhere in the world and make a beautifully unique gift for loved ones and friends.

Embodied Energy is now offering 5 discounted Psychic Reading slots every Thursday. Instead of the normal $150/hour, you'll get a 45-minute reading for $66. Psychic insights for everyone! Spread the word!

Moon Rituals + New Moon Ritual Download

As a sensitive being you may have noticed that the different stages of the moon affect your mood, sleep, sensitivities and many other things. In many traditions around the world, the energy of the moon is used to enhance spells and rituals and enliven new projects and manifestations. The energy from the moon is so powerful that it affects the tides in every ocean on Earth, imagine the pull it must be having on the waters within each of us.

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