Heart-Brain Connection

You can reduce your cortisol levels, reactivity, and anger by reestablishing the connection between heart and brain.

In this 10-minute video, I share more about the importance of the heart-mind connection and demonstrate a short, simple technique for achieving and growing that connection. It will help you be more relaxed, more the of the time. Relaxation is our healthiest, most healing state. It activates youth and vibrancy. It shifts how we engage with the world. When you are able to tackle difficult situations with authentic communication

The energy of our body follows our breath. Once the connection is established, we'll tune into intuition and ask questions of the heart. The mind often creates complex and confusing answers to our questions but the heart is simple and short.

Heal your life through energy and approach the world from a place of calm. All it takes is 3-minutes a day of focused attention on the heart, inviting in gratitude, appreciation, care, and compassion.

Energy Tools for the Sensitive Person (Empaths)

Have you ever been described as overly sensitive? Do you feel like a highly sensitive person?  

Highly sensitive people make up around 17% of the world's population and are often referred to as empaths - people with the ability to apprehend the emotional or mental state of another being. Take the quiz below if you suspect your are an empath!


  1. Do you feel overstimulated by crowds, sounds, and lights?  
  2. Do you require a lot of alone time to recharge?
  3. Can you feel the emotions of the people around you?  
  4. Do you have a hard time tuning into your own thoughts and feelings but can tell what others are feeling around you?  
  5. Do you feel that you have heightened senses of sight, hearing, smell or taste?  
  6. Do you feel you have a hard time fitting in to groups of people?  

If you answered yes to these questions, then you might be an empath.  

It is really difficult to live in the loud, crowded world as a highly sensitive person.

I am an intuitive empath. This means that, in addition to apprehending the emotions of others,  I am able to see and sense subtle energies in others. For years, this presented as a curse.  I would randomly start to cry in groups of people, have a hard time breathing at concerts, feel irritated by traffic and grocery stores. Sound familiar?

How To Deal with It: Numb It with Drugs or Process It

In the past, I turned to drugs and alcohol as a way to dampen these senses. As a way to block out feeling. That shifted when I started learning about subtle energy and how to use energy to bring a higher sense of fulfillment to my life. Today, I am sober. I still experience a lot of contrast in my life, but now I have such an array of tools to help me come back into alignment that I don't think to block the feelings that bubble up.

I still feel overwhelmed when I go into grocery stores or to places with a lot of people. When I get around people who don’t care for themselves my energy body cringes and protests.  It’s still a thing. The difference is that now I know what is happening, I have more tools for navigating it, and I make better choices knowing that I feel so deeply and that my chosen environment will probably influence those feelings.

It’s taken me a long time to learn to be okay with this sensitive super power and I am thankful that, rather than being victim to  my sensitivities, I have now turned them into a thriving business and career.

You are not alone, there is support for your sensitive soul out in the world.  

This month, I have included a short energy sensing video with a few tools for learning to feel subtle energy more and a meditation to help you feel safe in your bubble while still being available for connection with the world.


Ready for more support?

In addition, this month I have a super special offer for Psy-Chic Readings every Thursday.  This is my way of getting to know new beings and energies and allowing you to try my work for a huge discount. These readings are a great way to begin tuning into what is happening in your energy body.  We will look at what is going on inside you and answer any questions you may have about energy, life, relationships, career and otherwise.  

Psy*Chic Thursday: A Weekly Special on Psychic Readings


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Readings are done via video conference from anywhere in the world and make a beautifully unique gift for loved ones and friends.

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Moon Rituals + New Moon Ritual Download

As a sensitive being you may have noticed that the different stages of the moon affect your mood, sleep, sensitivities and many other things. In many traditions around the world, the energy of the moon is used to enhance spells and rituals and enliven new projects and manifestations. The energy from the moon is so powerful that it affects the tides in every ocean on Earth, imagine the pull it must be having on the waters within each of us.

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