We need to normalize "going through it"

In this somatic healing + mystical development program you will get the support you need to navigate stress, trauma, anxiety and spiritual emergence/emergencies. Sometimes awakenings look like a mental break but with the right support they can help you become the next best version of who you are meant to be.

Get Both Books for the Price of One

Energy Magic + Psy*Chic Awakening

I was always meant to be a published writer and I am beyond excited to bring to you these passion projects. Energy Magic will help you awaken your energy body, heal from the past and heal your abundance wounds. Psy*Chic Awakening will guide to you activate your psychic powers through personal stories of awakening and mystical practices.

Vibe Up Your Biz

Ready to create YOUR online biz the fun

and easy way?

"Vibe Up! Your Biz" is a 2-part course is your perfect beginner activation secret to finally manifest your online business with an updated frequency to match success with your new creations!

Vibrational Healing + Online Business How To

Soul Biz
Soul Biz


Ready to make a quantum shift?

Are you a soulpreneur who is ready to make a quantum shift? If you are wanting to scale your spiritual +/or healing business to six figures - apply below



Connect with your Highest Self

Vibe up your energy through my powerful readings and energy healings session to help you vibe up your life and heal your pains.

Online Portal
Online Portal


Need support with intimacy?

My tantra sessions are the perfect way to relax, heal from your sensual and erotic issues and learn to be better at relating.

Welcome to a place for spiritual seekers,

where YOU can finally feel like you belong.

Together, we can...

Heal Yourself
Heal Yourself



Heal Your Biz
Heal Your Biz


Your Biz

Heal Our Planet
Heal Our Planet


Our Planet

About Phenix Rose

Meet Phenix Rose

I'm a new Earth leader and shamanic business coach, & my PASSION is to share my blueprint for love & success with other soulpreneurs, like YOU.

I help spiritual, shamanic, healer types thrive in the world of matter.

And yes that also means money.

I LOVE helping others create their big impact while creating more freedom, spaciousness & income to do what you love.

I am a highly trained and skilled vibrational healer and have a hands on healing practice utilizing energy healing modalities and tantric practices. I also love to teach tantra workshops around the world.

I care deeply about the Earth and what she gives us. All my programs moving forward will include either a 5-10% donation to earth protecting organizations or a service trip so that we may have our hands on the healing that is needed here.

You can check out my Evolve Earth page for more information on My Earth Guardian Program destinations as well as organizations being financially contribute to.

"I used to feel overwhelmed and would check out a lot from my body and community...

now I have learned how to maintain my energy and clear harmful energies from myself so that I can be around others and feel better & safer."

Danielle, happy client

Evolved Earth Donate
Temple Rose Tantra

my gift to you:


She has some serious potency to her work!

“I feel very grateful for Phenix's intuitive capacities and the integrity and wisdom she carries. The reading I had with her was spot on, and resonated with me very deeply. I feel affirmed in my gifts as a somatic healer and teacher, as well as reminded of my deep connection to the Earth.

She also gave me some great insight about my partnership that I found illuminating and helpful. I have also been blessed to receive her assistance in a ritual setting, with a very big old energy that I was struggling to let go of.

With her loving assistance, I was finally able to release something that I had been holding on to for a long time. ”

– Jenifer P.–

Quick results!

"My experience at Phenix's Rainbow Warrior event in Sedona healed many sister wounds, some I knew were there and others that had been hidden well.

For the first time in over a decade I felt fully seen, loved and received with open arms. Love & admiration for each of our uniqueness flowed effortlessly throughout this journey together.

I have so much gratitude for the beautiful reflection I experienced in each of my sisters.

I have so much gratitude to have experienced this way of being, to experience what's possible in relation.This is how we are meant to live. Loving and celebrating each other! Uplifting and empowering our sisters and brothers.

Powerful shit happens when women come together! And I am honored and humbled to have witnessed what's possible. I love you, my soul tribe."


– Natalie–

"I definitely recommend Phenix for her intuitive sense

and the kind and bright light that shines through her."

"The reading I received from Phenix was not only extremely accurate, but also gracefully articulated. It helped me become more aware of what I need to work on as well as where I can concentrate my energy in order to succeed. Phenix's reading was incredibly on point, and has only become more relevant as time passes. Thank you!

– Makenna D. –

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